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Born April 19 1992 Easter Sunday. Small town raised but city built. Live In waco Texas. Here to blog ideas through the cyber world and gain new ones. I'm vegan and a big believer in spiritual health. I believe the truth should always be known and sought out! I would one day like to be a activist and involved in the global awakening/revolution if necessary; power of the people. I support a green life style and environmental awareness and pro nuclear power.



27 years of satellite pictures turned into GIFS. 

Google created the original gifs and TIME supported the time-lapse project. NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey’s Landsat program is how the images were collected in the first place. 

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It’s like watching a living organism.

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Mini Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Muffins / Recipe


Mini Cinnamon Sugar Pumpkin Muffins / Recipe

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more ‘Blade Runner’ production design art by Syd Mead.

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South tyrolean alps II

Austrian photographer Lukas Furlan captures breathtaking shots of the Southern Tyrolean alps. 

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Japan volcano: at least 30 victims found near Mount Ontake peak →


Justin McCurry, The Guardian:

At least 30 people are believed to have died near the peak of a volcano in central Japan that erupted without warning on Saturday, trapping scores of amateur climbers and covering a wide area with thick ash.

Police said rescuers had discovered more than 30 people suffering from heart and lung failure; official confirmation that the victims are dead won’t come until doctors have examined the bodies.

Absolutely terrible. The volcano, dormant for 35 years, has apparently been a popular hiking spot.

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😍 #jfk #35thpresident #johnfkennedy #usa #mrkennedy #mrpresident #american #thekennedys #jackkennedy #flag #handsome #husband #kennedys

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Berlin wall comes down.

Berlin wall comes down.

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Police getting involved at Wall Street protest— marchers attempting to push toward barricades. NA-59MO


"Some asshole just threw a stack of $1 bills at cops…cops laughing, money flying all over street"  @AmyKNelson

"Cops are getting ready to arrest everyone, abt 60 are sitting & will be arrested if they dont move" @HuntedHorse          

"Guy tried to lasso bull until the cops took his lasso away" @alexjamesfitz

"Polar bear getting arrested" @AdamTJanos


-Guardian -CNN -NYCAlert -Mashable -AnarchoAnon 

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